With this advertisement the White House is to be sold obviously, Photo: Own Fake

Radical decision of the US Department of Urban Housing and Development: In Washington „in a prime location“ the White House is obviously to be sold – because President Donald Trump does not want to move out
An advertisement has now appeared on the Internet offering what is possibly the world’s most famous building in the government district of Foggy Bottom – with 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 338 TV sets, 28 fireplaces, 2 elevators and at a bargain price – for only 360 million US dollars (305.627.400 €). This is surprising: real estate experts estimate the market value of the White House at $400 million or even $500 million. However, the advertisement also contains a warning that could explain the reason for the price reduction. „ATTENTION: stubborn tenant“, it says.

A huge hotel in D.C. was rented for the President-elect
The warning obviously refers to President Donald Trump’s refusal to leave the White House despite his electoral defeat to Joe Biden after the inauguration of his successor on January 20, 2021. „Although there is also the possibility in the United States of simply putting tenants out on the street when the landlord has personal needs,“ says Hunter Biden, the real estate broker whose website offers the property on Pennsylvania Avenue, number 1600, in response to an inquiry from Pardon. „But we don’t want to impose such pictures to that part of the population that will still be convinced in four years‘ time that Donald actually won the election.“
That’s why a complete hotel has been rented for the future president Joe Biden and his first lady Jill as well as the staff, „just two stone’s throw away“ – „initially until mid 2021. My daddy is not in that excellent shape anymore.“ The hotel is the Trump International, also located on Pennsylvania Avenue „and even closer to the Congress“, where his dad will have to negotiate with the Republican majority in the Senate.
And Donald Trump agreed to this deal? Hunter Biden smiles: „His daughter Ivanka has rented to us, even at a great discount.“ The reason for the concession? „As soon as the change of government is completed in January, no damn idiot will make a booking in the Trump Hotel to curry favor,“ Hunter Biden grins. „Especially since the cuisine at Trump International is lousy: always just steak well done with chips and coke, who wants to put up with that? Because of this, Ivanka made the right decision to rent the hotel to my dad“.

„Conflicts of interest“
Hunter Biden is the son of the future president, who would move into the White House if the „stubborn tenant“ made room for him. Doesn’t Hunter see any conflicts of interest in view of this relationship? „Sure,“ says Hunter Biden. „But since Mr. Trump’s children have practically controlled their Trump company from the White House and their father as president has ensured that the hotel is well utilized by foreign delegations, my dad and I can be a little corrupt as well, can’t we?
Little is known about the equipment and condition of the rooms. „I had already wanted to take a prospective buyer to the White House, a certain Mr. Xi from Beijing, but the president was standing outside the door with a shotgun. So we had to leave,“ says the real estate agent. After all, they had learned something from the 300 or so White House employees who had been fired during the Trump era. „For example, that the President had two televisions installed for every room and even every bathroom and guest toilet. On one of them was always FoxNews and on the other Netflix with ‚House of Cards‘. He always wanted to keep track of the fact that his type of government was more exciting than that of Frank and Claire Underwood“.
The rooms were „a bit down to earth,“ according to Hunter Biden. „Ketchup stains everywhere because he liked to lug his burgers around the house.“ One room, however, is in mint condition because it hasn’t been used for four years: „The library looks like new.“ (PAR)

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